We have been mentioned in Herefordshires Camra Hopvine Magazine

The Weobley Brewing Company is located at the premises of the long-running and legendary Jules Restaurant in the centre of Weobley village. Tom Evans has been the chef there for the last five years, and his passion for cooking has always been complemented by a keen interest in brewing his own beer. In 2018 he took the opportunity to combine his two favourite pursuits, and with the backing of the restaurant he constructed a nanobrewery in a building adjacent to the kitchen and took on the mantle of Head Brewer. Although founded more than a year ago, Tom has spent his time developing and honing his brewing skills, but it was not until May of this year his first commercial offerings were produced in the form of Mr Magpie’s Stout (5.8%) and Mr Magpie’s Bitter (4.8%). Both beers are currently only produced in 500ml bottleconditioned form and are stocked at Jules restaurant, the Old School Shop in Weobley and the Market & Deli at the Bells Inn, Almeley. Tom has plans to produce a draught beer, initially possibly in Cornelius Kegs for the restaurant, and ultimately in cask form for the pub trade. There are also plans to increase their beer range, with a couple of new recipes in the pipeline of which the Hopvine will keep you posted.

Tom Evans